Do I have to have my packets personalized or can I just order them plain?

You may order your packets plain without any personalization at all. The packets will appear like those on the website, just without any names or wedding dates.

Can you print in green (or name your color) ink?

To keep your costs low, we usually print in one For more colors, please take a look at our customized packets.

Can you print logos?

Yes, we print logos, pictures and all sorts of things! For black and black screens, just send your logo to us in a high-resolution image (300DPI) or as a PDF attachment via email For full-color images, please take a look at our customized packets.

What seeds are in the Floral Design, Three Flowers and Wedding Cake packets?

The default is a wildflower mixture. If you would like another seed instead of the wildflower seed mixture, please pick one of the seed listed on our wildflower index and email your choice to us.

What kind of printing equipment do you use?

We use an offset press for the seed packets and an automated filling machine to package them.

What size are your seed packets?

Our seed packets are 4-1/2 x 3-1/4 inches.

Do your packets contain planting instructions?

Yes, our packets contain minimized planting instructions on the back flap. The back of the packet is left blank so you can personalize the space.

Can you ship to Canada?

Yes, we have no problem shipping to Canada.

My wedding is in August. When is the best time to plant the seeds?

The best time to plant wildflowers is in the fall unless you are in a very cold climate, then we recommend a spring planting.

How long does it take for me to get my personalized order?

When we receive your order, we make every effort to set the text within 24 hours. You should receive an email with a pdf file of the packet you created at check out. After you create your packet, we receive an email with your order including an image of the packet you chose with your message. After which it generally takes about a week for you to receive your seed packets. If you want rush service or faster delivery, then you can select those options at check out.

What is your most popular design?

I know this sounds trite, but they are all about equally as popular. So much depends upon the theme of the wedding or the colors of the event.

Do you make packets for events other than weddings?

Yes, we make packets for Real Estate brokerages, hospice organizations, botanical gardens, county fairs, book signings, any organization or special occasion including birth announcements and funeral commemorations. Seed packets are a unique gift and people do not throw them away. For details, please see our customized packets.

How many seeds in a packet?

Our equipment is set to dose about 1/8 teaspoon into each packet.

What are the varieties found in the mixed packets?

We try to include about 12-14 different kinds of seeds, most of which will grow throughout the United States and Canada. We use both annual and perennial wildflowers and flowers to attract butterflies. We try to use varieties that are fool-proof and easy to grow.

Can you ship to an APO address or to an address outside of the country?

Yes, we ship to APO addresses all the time, and shipping outside of the US is not a problem.

What a unique idea! How long have you been doing this?

My father started packaging seeds in 1914, and we've been doing it since that time. Our seeds have been seen in Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Ace, True Value, Costco, to name just a few. Now we sell only through mail-order.

Where do your seeds come from?

We raise everything we sell on our farms in Oregon.

Can I have you put in tree seed?

No, we no longer handle tree seed, and tree seed is very difficult to germinate and would not provide your guests with much if any success.

Can I mix-n-match varieties and still get the quantity discount?

No, if you order a total of 500 packets including 100 of each kind, then the price per packet would be the price for 100 seed packets. Each time we change varieties, we have to clean out our equipment so it takes additional time for us.