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Be Remembered All Year

We supply seed packet favors to more than brides

Our clients are numerous and diverse. They order seed packet to promote events, memorialize a loved one, announce the arrival of new babies and the list goes on. Think about it, just about any major event in your life can be commemorated with seed packet favors.

Your personalized seed packet will be remembered long after your event. When you order flower seed packet favors, they will help make your special day even more memorable! Imagine when your guest or client looks out at their flowers in bloom they will think of you. Each time your family and friends sees your beautiful flowers they will remember your special celebration or event all year long and often times they keep the packet as another way to remember.

We have the fastest turn around in the industry, often shipping the next business day after receipt of your order. Depending on the delivery option you select, you can receive your packets in just days instead of weeks. Create memories that will last, for very little investment. Innovative in-house printing techniques, low overhead, and our qualified technical staff make it possible to offer you a quality custom printed seed packet for your event.

Our all-inclusive pricing covers printing and shipping within the United States. Minimum orders of 50 are required. Shipping outside of the United States will be calculated at checkout.

Packet Pricing:
Ready To Ship (available on select packets only)
50-199 packets $.65/each
200-499 $.56/each
500-999 $.28/each
1000-4999 $.26/each
5000-10,000 $.25/each
Kraft Paper + $.03/each
Printed One Side (personalized on one side only)*
50-249 packets $1.55/each
250-499 $.80/each
500-999 $.59/each
1000-1999 $.48/each
2000-2999 $.45/each
3000-3999 $.44/each
4000-4999 $.43/each
5000-10,000 $.39/each
Kraft Paper + $.03/each
Printed Front/Back (your personalization on front and back)*
50-249 packets $1.75/each
250-499 $.85/each
500-999 $.63/each
1000-1999 $.50/each
2000-2999 $.46/each
3000-3999 $.43/each
4000-4999 $.40/each
5000-10,000 $.33/each
Kraft Paper + $.03/each
Custom Color (your own 4-color image front and or back)
50-199 packets $1.97/each
200-499 $1.50/each
500-999 $.95/each
1000-2999 $.70/each
3000-4999 $.50/each
5000-9999 $.35/each
10000+ $.33/each
Kraft Paper + $.03/each

*personalized printing black only

For quantities greater than 10,000, please contact us.

Please see our frequently asked questions section for more information.