Wedding Replay: Keira and Nathan

Wedding Replay: Keira and Nathan

If you’re planning a wedding, you know there’s an overwhelming amount of little details that go into making your Big Day. Besides the obvious ones like dress, venue, and guest list, there’s the menu, the invitations, the DJ, flowers, favors, table assignments and so much more. Wedding Replay asks couples who have forged that decision-making path for their words of advice. What is something they would definitely do again, and what was something that seemed important at the time, but that they’d happily skip if they had it to do over?

Nathan and Keira have been married 19 years and had a short engagement—a deadline that surprisingly lessened some of stress. Keira told us, “There was no time to dither over multiple choices for every little thing. We had to make decisions quickly and move forward.” The result was a fun day celebrating with friends and family, with memories that still make them laugh 19 years later.

See what other advice Keira and Nathan have for those in the throes of wedding planning in the first of our Wedding Replay video series.

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