19 Seed Packet Hacks you didn’t Know You Needed

19 Seed Packet Hacks you didn’t Know You Needed

If you thought seed packets were just for avid gardeners exercising their green thumb in springtime, think again. Seed packets make unique and memorable gifts, handouts or thank-yous that you can use all year long. And, since many seeds are relatively easy to grow, each little packet can turn into a gift that comes back year after year.

Here are 19 ways to get started:


  1. Valentines – Customize seed packets with “to” and “from” to transform them into Valentine’s Day cards that grow. Friends will love planting and watching their seeds bloom into spring flowers.
  2. Earth Day – Do you have a passion for the planet? Let your friends know with custom seed packets with bee-friendly seeds for yards or containers.

Party time

  1. Birthday party favors – celebrate your annual milestone with favors that guests will remember.
  2. Baby shower – As a symbol of new life, you can’t do much better than seeds. Custom packets will celebrate the growing family.
  3. Garden party – Give your guests something to take home and create their own garden.
  4. Wedding favor – A seed packet shows off your new and growing love. Customize seed packets with your names and wedding date, or add a photo of you and your love.

Saying Thank you

  1. Teacher appreciation – Thank teachers or volunteers on a budget.
  2. Customer appreciation – Give your customers flowers that last a whole season instead of a few days.
  3. Thank you – Customize a seed packet with a personalized note and slip it in an envelope for a unique thank you.  
  4. Garden club – What better way to thank the plant lovers in your life than with a custom seed packet.
  5. Service organization – When you want to recognize all those who volunteer, but have a limited budget, a custom seed packet makes a big impression for a small price.


  1. Save the date – Let friends and family know about your upcoming event with a custom seed packet. Pop it in a stamped, addressed, envelope and drop it in the mail.
  2. Memorial service – Remember a loved one with a living memorial of flowers. Customize a seed packet with a photo, favorite quote, name and dates.
  3. Baby announcements – Let everyone know your family has grown! (Get it?)


  1. Gift tags – Up your gift giving game by using a seed packet as a gift tag. Seeds will last a year tucked in your gift-wrap box to use when the need arises.
  2. Church hand-outs – Seeds are filled with religious symbolism of faith, transformation, and the spiritual journey.
  3. Open house/realtor – Anyone can leave a regular business card. Stand out with a custom seed packet with your name and phone number.
  4. Back to school night – Let kids and parents take home seeds to plant. Customize seed packets with the name of your school and mascot.
  5. Place cards – Let your guests know where to sit for diner with a place card that doubles as a personalized party favor.

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